The Best Skins in Free Fire, Ranked

Who knew skins could do this?

by Amitesh Dhar

Free Fire has, what can be dubbed one of the most diverse weapon skins in the entire gaming world. In most titles, skins are usually cosmetic in nature and offer no competitive advantage.

The same does not hold true for a good number of skins seen in Free Fire. Some of these skins come with an advantage or two as well. When equipped with their corresponding weapon, these skins enhance the weapon in certain ways, making them deadlier in combat.

Top 5 Weapon Skins in Free Fire

5. MP5 Rogue Lava


The MP5 Rogue Lava is actually a very intimidating weapon to look at. Designed to look like a gun which is made of lava, if you see someone with this skin, either run or hide and pray that they don’t spot you. Yes, you will lose out on reload speed if you equip this weapon. But you will gain a significant boost in the rate of fire and the range of the weapon. Considering that this weapon lacks a bit in terms of range, this skin might be a good addition.

4. P90 Tune Blaster


Coming in at the fourth spot is the P90 Tune Blaster skin. This skin is loud and vibrant when it comes to the color scheme. But then again, that does fit in well with the overall theme of the weapon as well. The skin is named as “Tune Blaster”, which can also be associated with loud and vibrant musical instruments. Whenever you equip this skin, you will receive a boost in the damage output and the rate of fire with respect to the weapon. While that does make the weapon stronger in close-range encounters, you might run out of bullets soon, because this skin cuts down on the magazine size of the weapon.

3. FAMAS Demonic Grin


This skin is designed to look like a grinning demon in Free Fire. Not only do you do additional damage to moving enemies with this skin equipped, you also receive a moderate damage boost and a minor boost in the rate of fire. Yes you will sacrifice a decent amount of reload speed for it, but the trade-off is worth it because the overall TTK drops considerably. Given that the weapon is accurate anyway, you will not have much difficulty hitting those moving targets.

2. Scar Ultimate Titan


Released back in 2019, this is one of the best skins to have made it to Free Fire. The SCAR is a strong weapon to begin with. You technically don’t need any additional boosts because this weapon can easily hold its own ground in the game. However, if you use the Ultimate Titan skin, the SCAR will receive a small boost in its overall damage output and its rate of fire. This reduces the overall TTK for the weapon. The only downside to this is that you will have to reload frequently because the weapon magazine is reduced in size.

1. MP40 Predatory Cobra


Designed to look like a cobra, this skin makes the MP40 look deadlier than it already is. The weapon has a high rate of fire anyway. If you throw this skin onto the gun, then the weapon receives an additional buff to its already quick rate of fire. Moreover, you’ll get a strong damage boost as well, courtesy of this skin. You deal bonus damage to enemies you hit from behind too. But you will sacrifice a lot in terms of reload speed.

That said, these are the five best skins in Free Fire as of now. If you’re wondering about the best weapons in the game, here’s a list of a number of weapons ranked from the best to the worst in Free Fire. This title bears some resemblance to PUBG as well, so here’s a comparison guide.

Free Fire is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 31st, 2022

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