The Best Terraria 1.4 Texture Packs

Change the feel of your adventure with these texture packs!

by Christian Bognar


The Steam Workshop has been overloaded with many texture packs for players to try out. With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which one you should give a go first. With this list, we will review our picks for the five best texture packs for Terraria 1.4, so you can spice up your gameplay to a new level.

What Are The Terraria’s Best Texture Packs

Modern Weaponry

This texture pack gives players an overhaul of their weapons for a more modern look. Not that the original weapons in the game are ugly looking, it’s just always nice to switch it up with a new design. This texture pack gives you the perfect opportunity to play with the same-old range weapons but have the feeling that you are playing with something completely new. This is especially handy if your favorite class in-game is the Ranger.

Foundry and Alchemy

Want to improve the game’s appearance to have a more modern look? You can easily do that with the Foundry and Alchemy texture pack. Improving the design of almost all items, blocks, NPCs, and more, this pack gives this game a fresh look and makes Terraria clearer than ever before. Not only that, but it also provides an overhaul to the UI, making it clearer on how to craft items. The improvements in appearance for everything across the board make the texture pack one not to miss out on.


This texture pack is a little less serious, but you have to respect the creator’s originality in making this. Turning on Fisharia will turn all of the bosses into fish-like creatures. That said, it makes you feel like you are fighting completely different bosses than before since they all have a totally different design than the base game. There’s so much work and colors put into these fish-like bosses’ designs, and you have to give it a shot.

Undernitys Minecraft Pack

This texture pack is specifically for fans of Minecraft. The majority of enemies and bosses will get a Minecraft design, making this an exciting add-on for those who are fans of the famous block-building game. Besides that, there have been some changes to some in-game features as well. The UI, main menu, and sound effects have all been modified to fit the theme of Minecraft, adding to the excitement for die-hard fans. We hope to see some future updates to see if the whole world of Terraria looks like it was built from Minecraft blocks.

Walmart in Hell

This texture pack is pretty goofy but also really cool at the same time. It completely revamps the background for the player to make it look like you are fighting your way through the underworld. That’s the cool part, and the goofy part is that Walmart is in view in the background. I guess the creator doesn’t like Walmart, but regardless if you appreciate games such as Doom or Hellsinger, it is an excellent texture pack to check out since it fits those aesthetics.

Now you know our picks for the best texture packs for the Terraria 1.4 update. Give these a go; if they don’t please you, there are many more to choose from on the Steam Workshop home page. Have fun with it, and enjoy giving your adventure a new feel.

Terraria is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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