The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me – How to Keep Everyone Alive

Here's how the film crew can have a happy ending.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me? The Devil in Me is the last episode in season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology. It has a full ensemble cast like the other entries. In it, a mysterious rich man has invited a documentary film crew to explore an authenticate recreation of H.H. Holmes’s serial killer hotel, the Murder Castle. Things aren’t what they seem, though, and you are soon caught up in the owner’s evil plans to kill everyone in the most gruesome ways possible. Unfortunately, this means that the stakes are high because the different members of the film crew can be killed and lost forever. Here is everything you need to know about keeping everyone alive in The Devil in Me.

How to Keep Everyone Alive in The Devil in Me

To keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me, you must do two things: pass QTEs and make the correct choice.

How QTEs work in The Devil in Me


There are six different Quick Time Events (QTEs) in The Devil in Me. Two new ones in this entry are the Hide and Balance QTEs. We will discuss how all five work so you can pass QTEs every time.

  • Aimed Hit: You need to aim with your mouse or controller and then hit the target
  • Balance: You must help keep your characters balanced when crossing narrow objects like bridges. Your characters can die if they fail due to you failing the QTE
  • Button Mash: You need to press the same button repeatedly
  • Heartbeat: Press the correct button in rhythm with the heartbeat
  • Hide: You will need to move to a designated hide spot and press the hide button so you are not caught
  • Standard Button Press: You need to press the correct button shown onscreen

Correct Choices in The Devil in Me

We will break down every correct choice you need to make without spoiling too much of the story. The choice may not make sense, but trust that it will get you the desired results.

  • Blackout: Take the Inhaler and use it. If you choose to attack, Erin will die.
  • Silver Ash Institute: Hide in the Cupboard when Jaime tells you to do so. If you choose to run, Erin will die.
  • Incinerator: Choose to Lift the Grate when Charlie is trapped in the Incinerator. If you choose to force open the door, Charlie will die.
  • Kate or Erin: When given the choice to kill Kate or Erin, pick Kate. Erin will die if you choose her.
  • Screwdriver: When given the option to keep the screwdriver or give it to Jamie, give it to Jamie. Either choice won’t ruin your perfect playthrough, but giving it to Jamie will improve your relationship.
  • Crushed: We will assume you gave the screwdriver to Jamie for this choice. When Kate and Jamie are in a room with a glass wall, you will be given a conversation choice and a QTE event. Choose Defiant for the conversation choice, and don’t do anything for the QTE event (fail it).
  • On the Roof: You must assist Jamie when he is captured on the roof. If you choose to flee, Jamie will die.
  • Inside Barn with Erin, Jamie, and Kate: After barricading the barn, you will be given the option to Run or Climb. Choose Run. If you choose to climb, Erin will die.
  • Erin confronts Charlie: Choose to side with Charlie. If you don’t, people will die.
  • Boat Fight: The game will conclude with a boat fight. There are multiple actions you need to take to save everyone:
    • Erin and Charlie: You must pass the Standard Button Press QTE to save them.
    • Jamie: Choose to jump off the boat. You can choose to stay and fight, but it will hurt your relationship. Either way, your perfect playthrough will not be impacted.
    • Mark: You must pass a series of QTEs to save him.

Congratulations! You have now saved everyone and earned the Happy Ending achievement.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on November 18th, 2022

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