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The Sims 4: How to Use Bunk Beds And Relax In Bed

New functionality allows Sims to multitask from the top bunk

by Lisa Nguyen


After years of player feedback, bunk beds were added to The Sims 4 in the March 23 update. The new piece of furniture is available to anyone who has the base game installed. Along with the new furniture are a few new function options that will apply to all beds.

The new bunk beds are available to Sims aged Children and older. Unfortunately, Toddlers cannot use the top bunk, but a Toddler bed can be placed underneath.

Where to find the bunk beds

Bunk beds are available in the Build/Buy catalog. There are two options, with each having the full range of bedding styles available. The first option is a traditional bunk bed with ladders on both sides. However, if a player wants to put the bed against the wall, the second ladder will automatically disappear. If they want the second layer, the auto option can be toggled off in the “Auto Bunk Beds” button in the Comfort Sort UI.

The second option is a “Top Bunk” bed where the bed is on top but missing a bed at the bottom. This extra space allows players to move a twin-size regular or toddler bed underneath in the opposite direction and snap into place.

PC players can use the Move Objects cheat (bb.moveobjects on) to move other items underneath the loft bed. This includes a desk, bookcase, and more. The cheat also ensures that the items retain their proper functionality. Those who don’t use cheats, or is playing on a console, cannot use the loft bed while objects are placed underneath.

The Sims 4 adds new bed functionality

Along with the new type of bed is a new interaction. Sims can now “Relax” on beds, either alone or with another Sim. The new function is compatible with the bunk beds so Sims can watch tv from the top bunk.

The Patch notes also state that if a Sim has a tv nearby, they can Relax while watching tv, which will raise multiple moods at the same time. If a Sim wants to go to sleep, they’ll need to turn off the tv, or else they’ll angrily wake up a short time later due to the noise.

One issue that has appeared is that Sims relaxing next to another Sim won’t be able to interact while doing so. They will have to stop relaxing, get up, and then talk. Sims can Sit on the bed and talk to another Sim, but not while Relaxing.

Bunk beds and new bed functionality were added in the March 23 update (PC: / Mac: / Console: Version 1.39). Few base bed variety or interactions are available yet. However, it’s important to remember that these are only the first of many updates to come for bunk beds and bed interactions.

The Sims 4 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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