This Hogwarts Legacy Name Generator Creates the Best Wizarding World Names

Yer a wizard, [Enter Name Here]

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you finally excited to play Hogwarts Legacy but are stuck in the character creation screen because you can’t come up with that magical name for your witch or wizard? We’ve all been there, and finding the perfect name adds much pressure before you even begin playing the game. Don’t worry, though, because we have the perfect solution! We have found the best Wizarding World name generator to provide the best wizard or witch names you can use in Hogwarts Legacy. Here is everything you need to know about using the Inglenook Name Generator to find the perfect Wizarding World name.

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Name Generator


The Inglenook Name Generator draws its name from Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Romantic origins, with a little Ancient Greek and Latin, thrown in for good measure. The creator built this name generator to name his characters in his universe but realized that it created the perfect Harry Potter wizard names. Luck for us, he decided to keep it posted for Potterheads to use when naming their wizards in Hogwarts Legacy.

Navigate to the Inglenook Name Generator page and click the Generate! button. You will be provided with a single name that can be used for a witch or wizard. Don’t like what you see? No problem! All you have to do is keep clicking the Generate! button until you find one that is the perfect match.

The Bloomsbury Harry Potter Name Generator


If you cannot find a name that fits your Hogwarts Legacy character or prefer an official name generator over a fan-built one, then you can use the Bloomsbury Harry Potter Name Generator. This name generator is what the official Wizarding World website sends you when you ask it to help you generate a name. The Harry Potter Name Generator asks for your first name, last name, and gender. You can enter something random if you are uncomfortable with providing your real name. The generator will still work all the same! Remember, it will use the first letter of both names when creating a name.

The Fanbolt Harry Potter Name Generator


The Fanbolt Harry Potter Name Generator is fun to use because you can get names inspired by famous witches and wizards from the four houses of Hogwarts. For example, do you like Luna Lovegood and want to discover an inspired name by her? You would select the Ravenclaw (Female) option from the drop-down list. The generator will then provide you with 20 different names using the first or last names of famous Ravenclaw students. When creating a Harry Potter name, there is also a field to enter a nickname if you would like to factor in yours.

The Story Shack Harry Potter Name Generator


The Story Shack Harry Potter Name Generator is excellent because you can generate many names for both witches and wizards at once. These names stay in the tradition of Harry Potter as they are whimsical and fun. The neat feature of this generator is the ability to save the last set of names you generate while still being able to generate new ones. That way, you can compare multiple names together.

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- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023