Tower of Fantasy: All 10 Artificial Island Developer Log Locations

Find out where to locate all ten Developer Logs on Artificial Island

by Kara Phillips


Artificial Island arrived in Tower of Fantasy‘s 1.5 update, and there’s no better way to get to know a new area than a gathering quest. However, finding hidden resources in a new location can be pretty overwhelming. So to make the process easier for yourself, read on to find out how to locate every Developer Log on Artificial Island.

Where to Find Every Developer Log on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

When visiting Artificial Island for the first time, your first mission will be to locate ten missing developer logs. Although this quest is a great excuse to explore the new area, a few logs are tucked away in hard-to-reach places. The table below lists the location of all ten logs and a short description of how you can get there.

Developer Log Number Location
1 The first dev log can be found once you arrive on Artificial Island. Head off the airship toward the small tree below. The dev log is on the floor around the roots.
2 After collecting the first Dev log, head down the stairs toward the blue portal. This blue portal will take you to a ledge further down in the base. The developer log is situated on the grassy ridge.
3 As you exit the camp you’ve just teleported to, head west toward the large signpost. The third developer log is pinned in the center.
4 Head back to where you found the third developer log, and head west until you come across three pillars. You’ll find a selection of grey rocks to the left of the pillars. The next developer log is behind the stone closest to the water.
5 After re-visiting this area, head to Eyrie and travel west. You’ll come across a Hyena Camp, and the developer log is located in a wooden box on the lowest level. Once the box is broken, you can pick the log up.
6 Following the location of Dev Log 6, head northwest toward a space rift. Instead of entering, go past and aim for the intersection in the road. The developer log is in the center of the intersection, but there are several enemies to defeat nearby.
7 Just ahead of the sixth dev log is a small village, where the seventh dev log is located. Enter the village and walk across the wooden decking; the seventh dev log can be found in the wooden crates to the north of the decking.
8  Teleport to the space rift at Base Zero. From here, head east toward the river. Climb the crashed ship in the river and walk toward the roof. There are several wooden barrels to smash, and one holds the eighth dev log.
9 Head south from the crashed ship toward a second Hyena base. If you’re lost, it’s slightly west of the Mount Sandy title on the map. Once you find the base, locate the truck toward the entrance and smash the surrounding barrels. Again, the Dev Log must be picked up from the ground.
10 Head back to Mount Sandy and climb to the top of the cliff where the pipe sticks out. There’s an airborne station directly above, which can be a little tricky to get to. The best way to get to the station is by using a jetpack, but once the jetpack runs out, switch to the Cybernetic Arm and grapple the edge of the platform. When you finally land, there are four Treasure Guardians to defeat. The final developer log can be found toward the north of the station.

Once you’ve collected every Dev Log, return to Base Zero and hand in the quest. Given you are Level 60, you will unlock the game’s base-building feature.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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