Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Blue River

Check out where to find the fishes needed to progress through the side-quest

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Tower of Fantasy players can, like in all Open World MMORPGs, take part in a wide number of side-quests through Aida, each set to not only help them unlock milestones but also reward them with a fair amount of both XP and items. With that said, in order to progress through the Taste of the Sea sidequest, players are tasked with finding two Dabry’s sturgeons on Blue River, but where exactly are they? To answer that and more, here’s where to find the Dabry’s sturgeons needed to complete the side-quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Blue River

Although you can find the fish not only in Astra but also in both the Navia and Warren regions, the quest specifies that you get them, as we said above, on Blue River, which is located below Astra Shelter. With that said, you can find the first Dabry’s sturgeon by heading to the first portion of the river, in the area featured in the image below. You will be able to recognize the fish thanks to both its lighter tone as well as its size.


The second Dabry’s sturgeon can be found by heading south of the first spot, on the next portion of the river. It’s important that we point out that it’s possible, although unlikely, to find both fishes in other areas of the river, but the areas showcased here are guaranteed to spawn them. You can check out the exact location in which we caught the second Dabry’s sturgeon in the image below:


Now that you know the exact locations in which you can find Astra Dabry’s sturgeons in Tower of Fantasy, don’t forget to check out how to gather mushrooms, fast travel, and change outfits, as well as how to get Red Nucleus and ascend weapons in the game.

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

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