Twisted Stiffbone Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Here is where to farm Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

by Noah Nelson


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has numerous materials to collect all used to craft new armor sets and weapons. One of the most important starting materials is Twisted Stiffbone although it is still important in the end game as well. For that reason, you’ll need to know how best to farm Twisted Stiffbone. Here is your guide to all the Twisted Stiffbone locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

All Twisted Stiffbone Locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The best place to get the most Twisted Stiffbones is in the Shrine Ruins on Master Rank difficulty. There are a total of six Bonepiles which all can give you Twisted Stiffbones.


As you can see from the image above, the six Bonepiles are spread out across the map. The four easiest Bonepiles to search first are in Zone 3, Zone 7, Zone 8, and Zone 5 in that order. If you create a path through those four Bonepiles, you’ll be collecting a lot of Twisted Stiffbone in no time.

If you’re on an Expedition, you might as well head up to the Bonepiles at Zone 13 and Zone 11. By the time you collect the Twisted Stiffbones from those locations, the first four locations’ materials will respawn. If you fight a monster before going to Zone 13 and Zone 11, the first four zones will probably respawn because of the time spent fighting.

What Are Twisted Stiffbone Used For

In the early game, Twisted Stiffbone is used to create some of the earliest armor sets. You can also use Twisted Stiffbone in the late game to create powerful weapons and armor. Some of the best armor that requires Twisted Stiffbones are The Bnahabra and Bone set and the Seregios Greaves.

When it comes to late game weapons, Twisted Stiffbone is required to craft the Conqueress II Switch Axe. This weapon is extremely powerful because of its initial stats and its upgrade tree.

If you’re looking for more materials to collect, head on over to our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak page. Along with material location guides, we cover monster parts, large monster guides, and much more.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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