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Valheim – How to Get Neck Tails

Neck Tails are essential for Poison Resistance Meads and Grilled Neck Tails.

by Victor Vellas


Neck Tails in Valheim have various uses, however, the most important one and pretty much the reason I wanted to write this brief guide, is to make Poison Resistance Meads. These potions are a must have if you are planning to face Bonemass, the 3rd boss of the game found within the Swamps, so let’s take a look where you can farm their unique ingredient, Neck Tails.

Where to find and how to get Neck Tails

In order to grab yourself some Neck Tails, you need to do something extremely easy. Find some Necks. The name is odd, but this is the name of certain little creatures, found in Black Forest and the Meadows areas, near any place with water. They look like oversized green toads (kinda). After finding them simply swing away at them and they should be dead with one hit or so. They can drop their respective Trophy or what we are looking for, a Neck Tail.

The fun fact about them is that they could be easily missable, considering how irrelevant and small they are. To be honest here, I didn’t encounter them for quite a while as I was playing Valheim, since I didn’t pay attention to them. As soon as I got my first Neck Tail though and the Poison Resistance Meads were now possible to make, it was a game changer. Therefore, I advise to stock up with quite a few of them for crafting a lot of these potions. You can of course cook them, making a Grilled Neck Tail, but that is a small bonus to their usage.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.

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