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Valorant: Best Killjoy Breeze Setups

How to best use Killjoy on Valorant's latest map, Breeze.

by Shawn Robinson


As you may already be aware, Killjoy can be a force to be reckoned with in Valorant. To do so though, she needs to be put in the right hands. Placing her utility incorrectly can result in little to no value for your team, automatically making her a really poor agent. In the correct hands though, she can provide insane area denial, plant denial, and intel that’s simply unrivaled. As such, we’ve been providing a heap of guides to help you make the best of her on Haven, Split, Bind, Icebox, and Ascent. With today’s release of Breeze, it seems only fair we continue that trend. In this guide, I’ll give you some of the best setups for Killjoy’s utility so you can make the best of her incredibly versatile kit.

Valorant Killjoy Breeze Setups

Site A


As with the previous guides, all turret spots are marked in black (one spot is gray for the sake of visual clarity), alarm bots in red, and swarm grenades in blue. The front of the site does offer a few good options, my favorite of the bunch being on the wooden crate to the right. If you can point this directly back at defender spawn, it can watch for both a committal to the site and an entrance from mid. The one in the bottom left corner, while not a spot I’d use often, can be nice to catch out unsuspecting attackers trying to get a full hold of the site. The alarm bots are there to both deny the enemy plant and prevent a full push through mid. And of course, the swarm grenades are located in their usual spots to compliment that.


Moving to the back of Site A, you have just two more spots. One is a turret on top of the stacked boxes, which can watch a large portion of the site and mid. You may also be wondering why the alarm bot is where it is. There’s a vent to the right of it that attackers can flank from, so this is located here to help your team detect a potential push. I’d only place it here if the enemy seems to be using that spot often, but it’s up to you. A little strategic foresight can make a world of difference.

Site B


Moving over to Site B, you don’t have a whole lot of options, but Valorant does offer Killjoy a few opportunities. Some solid high-up turret spots can cover both the mid entrance and main entrance, along with a few cheeky corners to catch out unsuspecting agents committing to the site. The alarm bots and swarm grenades are there to either catch out the pushes or deny the plants and buy your teammates some precious time to reposition.

While not one of her strongest maps at least from first impressions, Killjoy does still seem to have a fair few options for her kit. There are surely more too that weren’t shown here, but we’ll be sure to add more once they become known.

Valorant is available exclusively on PC.

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