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Valorant Guide – Killjoy Split Setups

How to best catch your enemies and gain intel on the map Split.

by Shawn Robinson


The character Killjoy in Valorant has been available for some time now, giving players plenty of time to tinker with her various gadgets and abilities. With the complexity of each tool though, it can be difficult to understand how to optimally place each of her gadgets and get the most value out of them. No need to worry though as, in this guide, we’ll explain the best setups for each site on the map Split for Valorant.

Disclaimer: This guide does not include setups for mid, since holding this spot with Killjoy is incredibly unfavorable and should be avoided at all costs.

Valorant Split A Site Killjoy Setups


Before we begin, keep in mind that each turret spot is marked in black, alarmbot in red, and swarm grenade in blue. There are also various spots, to give you different options and surprise the enemy. As for A Tower though, you’ll be looking to place your turrets in various spots to watch Ramps. Having intel on them being in Ramps is crucial, as it helps if your team is choosing to push that spot (just make sure you’re relaying it to your teammates as well). The alarmbot and swarm grenade are there in a classic configuration, designed to buy time if the enemy decides to push into A Tower.


Moving down to A Site itself, you have a few more options for your swarm grenades and alarmbot. The classic spot is in the chokepoint, letting you get some great damage on your opponent. If you’d like though, you can place swarm grenades on either side of that kiosk in the middle of A Site. These spots can be used to delay a spike plant once you hear it begin, assisting in damaging an enemy and delaying for that vital retake if need be. You also have a solid option of placing your turret up in Rafters to catch an enemy off guard through that alarmbot spot and score some free damage (or perhaps even a free kill.

Split B Site Killjoy Setups


In my opinion, B Site is a bit more interesting to set up with Killjoy due to the much wider range of options. The front of the site is especially true, with numerous turret spots along with a sneaky alarmbot placement. You could place a swarm grenade on the other side if you desire, but this generally doesn’t get too much value compared to other locations as you’ll see in a moment. I’ve also marked that white dot due to it being a great place to hold out, peeking as the enemy is distracted with the turret for a free pick.


The back of the site gives you another few formidable options for placements, including some excellent swarm grenade spots. The box is great to have a swarm grenade on either side, as it easily catches a common plant spot and gives you some free damage. Otherwise, a turret and alarmbot placement behind the wooden structure can be good for once the enemy has taken control of B Site, giving you a bit more chip damage to make kills that little bit easier.

And that’s all the best spots for Killjoy on the map Split in Valorant! If this guide helped you get better with Killjoy, be sure to let us know in the comments below. As well, share the guide around so it can help others!

Valorant is available exclusively on PC.

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