Valorant: Best Killjoy Fracture Lineups and Setups

What happened here?!

by Amitesh Dhar

Killjoy is an Agent who can come in handy while battling it out on maps like Fracture in Valorant. Although the map itself is somewhat small compared to some of the others, the two bomb sites have multiple entries, making them difficult to defend.

Being a Sentinel, this German tech whiz can easily use her gadgets to booby-trap all the entry points into the sites, making it rather difficult for the enemy to push in for a retake.

How to Play on Valorant’s Fracture as Killjoy

Killjoy is a Sentinel, yes but thanks to her abilities, she’s effective while defending the sites or during post-plant scenarios. Keeping in mind both scenarios, her gadget setups will remain the same during both the Attack and Defense stages in the game. With that said, here are some effective setups which you can use while playing as Killjoy on Fracture.

Site A

  • Fracture_A_Grenade_1
  • Fracture_A_Turret
  • Fracture_A_Grenade_2
  • Fracture_A_Alarmbot

Over the last few updates, Site A on Fracture has undergone some changes. That, however, does not affect the setups on this site at all. When you’re entering the site from A Main, drop a grenade at the entrance to the site itself.

Make your way to the top of the site and place your turret in the rear right corner. That should cover the area from A Link and A Rope. The second grenade can be placed at the base of A Drop itself and finally, the Alarmbot can be placed at A Rope.

After you’ve placed all your gadgets, head to Site A and then hide under the platform in the rear right corner. That should give you enough cover, and allow you to trigger the grenades as and when necessary.

Site B

  • Fracture_B_Grenade_1
  • Fracture_B_Turret
  • Fracture_B_Alarmbot
  • Fracture_B_Grenade_2

The setup on this site is rather simple. You will have to watch out for enemies coming in from the back of the site and from B Main as well. So to prevent the enemy push, place a grenade at the entrance from B Main. Move to the site, and then head to the back of the boxes and then place your Turret here.

Finally, head inside B Tower and then place the Alarmbot near the rope lift here. Now make your way back to the site and drop another grenade inside the Tower itself. With these gadgets placed, head to the back of the site and stay hidden there.

These setups are rather easy and can come in handy while attacking and defending Fracture as Killjoy in Valorant. Lotus is a brand new map, and this German Agent is very useful on that map as well, so here are some lineups that you could consider using. Furthermore, here are some Viper lineups for you to try out on Lotus.

Valorant is available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023