Valorant: Best Killjoy Lotus Setups

Battles are won by geniuses, and I am a genius!

by Amitesh Dhar
Valorant Killjoy

Killjoy is a deadly and versatile Agent in Valorant, especially on a map like Lotus. The specialty of this map is that it’s very compact and that is something that makes Killjoy so deadly here.

As an Agent, Killjoy is highly reliant when it comes to her abilities. Given that she needs to stay at the site itself for some of her abilities to work, she can actually control a single site all by herself, making her an all-rounder on Lotus.

Easy Killjoy Setups on Lotus in Valorant

Killjoy’s abilities are suited for a post-plant scenario because they help her lock down the sites in most cases. Keeping that in mind, her setups are quite similar during the Attack and Defense phases in the match. Having said that, here are the setups that can help you lock down a site while you’re playing as the German tech whiz in Valorant.

Site A

  • Lotus-A-Turret
  • Lotus-A-Alarmbot
  • Lotus-A-Grenade-1
  • Lotus-A-Grenade-2

When at Site A, you need to secure the back of the site first, because there’s a Silent Drop here. On the column close to the entry point here, place your Turret. This should cover the Rope at the site. Right beside this column, place your Alarm Bot. This will help you figure out if enemies are approaching from the rear end of the site. For the grenades, place one directly beneath the rope.

The logic behind this is very simple, when enemies approach this area, they’ll engage the Turret first. If they manage to destroy the Turret, it’s highly likely that they’ll use the Rope to enter the site. Trigger the grenade and that should help you easily deal with the enemy. For the second grenade, place it towards the opening into the site from A Main, while you go and camp behind the revolving doors on the site.

Site B

  • Lotus-B-Alarm-Bot
  • Lotus-B-Grenade-1
  • Lotus-B-Grenade-2
  • Lotus-B-Turret

For Site B, all you need to do is place an Alarm Bot on the stairs at B Upper. This should notify you of a potential backstab. Drop one grenade at the entrance into B Site from A Link and one at B Main. The Turret can go on the boxes opposite B Main. The Turret is expendable and acts as an alarm for any enemy approaching from B Main. If the Turret is destroyed, wait for a second and then trigger the Swarm Grenade. This should deal with any enemies incoming from this area.

Site C

  • Lotus-C-Alarm-Bot
  • Lotus-C-Grenade-1
  • Lotus-C-Turret-Grenade-2

For Site C, drop the Alarm Bot at the rear end of the site. This will warn you in case of a potential backstab. The first grenade goes at C Link. The second grenade goes at C Main, with the Turret on the boxes here. Similar to Site B, the Turret is used as an alarm here. If it’s destroyed, there’s a high chance that the enemy is coming in from here, so trigger the Swarm Grenade for quick kills.

These are some easy Killjoy setups for Lotus in Valorant. Viper is another Agent you’ll be seeing a lot on this site, so here are some Viper lineups as well. Killjoy is effective on Pearl as well, so here are some setups that will come in handy in the game’s only underwater map. Apart from Killjoy and Viper, here are some more Agents who are quite good on Lotus!

Valorant is available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023