Vampire Survivors: Best Characters and Builds for Dairy Plant

Teach those milk drinkers a lesson.

by Noah Nelson


Vampire Survivors is a hard game. Dairy Plant is the third stage that you unlock as you progress through the game. To beat Dairy Plant, you need the right character and build. Here is the best build for Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors.

Best Characters and Builds for Dairy Plant

What makes Dairy Plant different than other stages is there are obstacles throughout the stage. Pair that with extra tough enemies and you could get yourself trapped if you aren’t careful. To survive, you’ll need to prioritize crowd control and have a way to protect yourself.

Best Characters for Dairy Plant

The best characters to survive Dairy Plant are Donmario, Cavallo, and Poppea. Donmario is slow, but you start with King Bible which is arguably the best weapon for Dairy Plant and one of the best weapons in all of Vampire Survivors.

Poppea is a great choice since she is fast and starts with Song of Mana, but you’ll need to find and open the coffin to unlock her. Cavello is a good choice since he starts with Cherry Bomb which is great for crowd control in Dairy Plant. If you select one of these three characters, you’ll be set up for success.

Best Builds for Dairy Plant

After you have picked your character, you’ll need to know what the best build is to survive Dairy Plant. For your primary weapons, you’ll want area control: Santa Water, King Bible, Song of Mana. For your secondary weapon, Cross or one of the primary weapons you didn’t pick up is a great option.

You need to get Laurel since enemies will get up close and personal. Spellbinder is a great accessory to get as well to increase the duration of your weapon’s effects. If you don’t choose Spellbinder, Spinach is a great option since it boosts your base damage by 10%.

With these characters, weapons, and accessories, you’ll dominate Dairy Plant. Make sure to grab all of the chests you find and try to get Attractorb.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC through Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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