Wanted: Dead: How to Defeat the Ninja in Dauer HQ

Is this ninja being a pain to eliminate?

by Gordon Bicker

Wanted: Dead has a couple of tricky boss battles that take a lot of time to master and effectively take out any of the enemies that you face, one of these is a mini-boss battle and that is with the NINJA in the Dauer HQ. They are a type of enemy that you will find quite frequently after the starting mission of the game but this is the first battle you have with them and it can be brutal on any difficulty you choose. This article will take you through tips on how to defeat the Ninja in Wanted: Dead.

Defeating the Ninja in Wanted: Dead

In order to defeat the Ninja you will want to be focusing on parrying their attacks whenever you can. When you see an orange glow appear, immediately go for a parry to counter. When you see red appear, back as far away from the Ninja as possible and dodge. As for your actual attacks, three blade slashes will work effectively after a parry or if you manage to get behind the Ninja.

Furthermore, another effective way to defeat the Ninja is to use a lot of bullets from your main rifle. Aim for headshots and you will get a lot of damage done quickly on the Ninja. However, since many people rush in with the blade they miss out on this fact.

Are There Any Other Ninjas in Wanted: Dead?

Yes, there are a few types of Ninjas, one of which is even more aggressive. You will find these Ninjas in the later stages of the game so having practice with this specific Ninja will help you immensely with fighting the other Ninjas that you will encounter.

In order to give yourself an even bigger advantage over the Ninjas, you could make sure that you unlock some of the best skills in the game.

Wanted: Dead is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.