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Warframe – Railjack Repairs and Omni Guide

Keep your ship alive with timely repairs.

by Brandon Adams


You’ve purged the Grinner troopers who were bold enough to board your ship from existence, but they did enough damage to warrant repairs. If you wish to put out those fires, seal those hull breaches, and keep the Railjack from exploding you’ll need to bust out your Omni, the Railjack’s repair tool.

The Omni can be equipped from the Gear Wheel, in the first unused slot.

At the start of every Railjack mission Cephalon Cy will grant each Tenno an Omni tool, which can be equipped via the Gear Wheel. The Omni will be placed in your first unused slot, and to equip it you simply have to select it. Once in-hand, you’ll see how much Revolite is available for repairs, with 300 being the cap. If you are low on Revolite it can be restocked at the Forge in the aft of the Railjack.

From here repairs are straightforward. With the Omni equipped you will see icons much like waypoints indicating where the damage is located, and what type it is. Fires deal persistent damage to your hull, electrical damage reduces your max shields, frost will lock doors, regular hull breaches reduce your max hull, and catastrophic hull breaches will blow your ship to Kingdom Come if not repaired in time.


These icons are also on the minimap (with or without the Omni equipped), so use it to locate damage preemptively. Cy will call out repairs as well, so as long as you are paying attention you should know when it’s Omni time. Repairing is much like the mining minigame, meaning all you need to do is aim the tool at the hazard until a wheel appears.

For anything that isn’t a hull breach you hold down your fire button, and either fill the circle or stop the bar when it reaches the white square. Hull breaches need to be traced, and the circle filled. If you have even a single Intrinsic point invested in Engineering then you’ll find your repairs completed substantially faster.


Once finished the damage will be repaired and the hazard mitigated, but you’ll have consumed Revolite. Depending on how much damage your Railjack is taking from both space-borne enemies and boarding parties you may find yourself running dangerously low on Revolite. If this is the case you may need to force someone out on a farming mission, otherwise you won’t have what you need to repair the catastrophic hull breaches. These are what lead to mission failure in Railjack, though successful repairs of catastrophic hull breaches will give you temporary invincibility (which lasts longer the sooner you repair the breach), and will replenish your shields and hull.

Prioritize those above everything else, especially if you are struggling to keep up your Revolite supply. Regular hull breaches and fires should come after this, followed by electrical and frost damage. So long as someone on the team is focused on repairs and keeping the Forge fed your team should be able to push their way to victory, even in the most dire of situations.

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- This article was updated on:January 4th, 2020

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