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Warlords of New York – How Exotics Work in The Division 2

All your favorite exotics are about to receive a fresh coat of paint.

by Brandon Adams


The Division 2: Warlords of New York brings Gear 2.0 to the looter-shooter, and with it comes a massive amount of overhauls, tweaks and alterations to all our favorite gear, including exotics. So, what should agents expect to see changed concerning their favorite super-loot?

Gear 2.0 will reduce all exotics to a single, more powerful talent.

Massive confirmed the changes coming to exotics within their State of the Game and reveal video for Warlords of New York, and they have opted to go with a “do more with less,” approach. Instead of three convoluted talents that take a little homework to understand, they will now have one powerful talent that is easy to understand.

This goes for both armor and weapon, but they will remain better than other items. Regular gear and Gear Sets will only have talents on backpacks and chestpieces, but exotics will always have their one uber-talent, no matter what they are. Massive did confirm the two exotic limit will remain in-place, so you won’t suddenly find yourself running three exotic weapons in a single build.

The concept is simple: Massive still wants exotics to feel special in The Division 2, and they want players to have a single, easy to understand talent that alters their playstyle on each. That said, there will be no way to upgrade level 30 exotics to level 40 at the launch of Warlords of New York, so my Diamondback above will inevitably find its way into my stash.

Don’t disassemble them just yet, however, because there may be a use for them in the future. That said, until such an upgrade system deploys you will need to grind out new level 40 exotics once you reach the new level cap. Existing exotics will drop from the same sources as they did before, so it shouldn’t take you long to reacquire your favorites.

A list of all the new exotics added with the expansion, and where they drop can be found here.

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- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2020

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