Wartales: Tiltren Tomb Puzzle Solution

Check out how to solve the puzzle and get the Treasure of the Ancients.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Wartales gives players the ability to fully explore a massive region as they fight, find riches, and bond with their own group of unlikely mercenaries. With that said, among the many puzzles in the game, one of the first many players will find will be featured in the Tiltren Tomb. But how can you solve the door puzzle and thus open the locked door leading to the area’s main set of treasures? Now, here’s how to solve the Tiltren Tomb door puzzle in Wartales.

How to Solve the Tiltren Tomb Puzzle in Wartales | Tiltren Tomb Puzzle Solution

After entering the Tiltren Tomb, located in the southwest area of the map, and finding the door puzzle, you will be able to solve it by first locating the three symbols scattered around the area. It’s important to point out that the symbols will not be the same for every player and change during each playthrough.

You will be able to find the first symbol by heading to the room leading to the door mechanism area. Once in the room, the rune symbol will be facing the opening you just passed through.

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From there, you will be able to find the second symbol by heading left (thus leaving the room) and then heading to the room located right. Doing so will lead you to the room featuring the altar. The rune will be located on the room’s left wall, close to the seeling.

The third symbol, however, can be found by heading to the previous area and then heading left, to a room located beyond the rubble. Once in the room, you will be able to find the rune symbol on the left wall.

Now that you have all of the symbols, you will be able to solve the door puzzle by having a scholar interact with it and then shifting the colored symbols on the lock so that each roll will match the ones you found.

Once the door opens, enter and defeat the enemies before having your Miner open the main tomb. The tomb will feature the Treasure of the Ancients, as well as a few other rare items.

- This article was updated on April 21st, 2023

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