Warzone Ghost Train Location: How to Capture the Heart From the Safe in The Haunting

Call of Duty: Warzone somehow manages to make public transport even scarier with The Haunting's Ghost Train.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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The Ghost Train is chugging along Al Mazrah’s tracks in Call of Duty: Warzone’s The Haunting, waiting for you to climb aboard and reap its rewards. While very much on fire and full of booby traps, capturing its Heart will earn you its limited-time Calling Card and progress toward the Bloody Mess machine gun. Grab a ticket because this guide details precisely where to find the Ghost Train in Warzone/DMZ and the easiest way to capture the Heart.

Where to Find the Ghost Train in Warzone The Haunting

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

The Ghost Train travels around Al Mazrah‘s train tracks in both Warzone BR and DMZ. You can tell its current position by pinging its icon on the Tac Map. This lurking locomotive is fast and doesn’t stop, so I highly recommend finding a vehicle as soon as possible.

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you’ve found the Ghost Train, climb aboard a carriage or drop down through the roof. Keep a close eye out for tripwires and mines, which exploded my friends and me more times than I care to admit. As well as booby traps, you’ll find plenty of containers and huge chunks of cash. My teammate and I ended up with around $20k in just one raid.

What are Heat-Resistant Keys Used For in The Haunting?

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Pick up any Heat-Resistant Keys while raiding the train. These unlock the flaming chests at the front of the Ghost Train, which contain the best loot. As always, stay cautious of other players trying to steal your hard-earned ghoulish goodies. Don’t be embarrassed to plead if you need to.

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How to Raid the Ghost Train and Capture the Heart from the Safe in Warzone

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The front of the Ghost Train contains a safe and a statue of Lilith (from Diablo IV) in the front carriage holding its Heart. Make your way through the train, loot the safe, and grab the Heart of the Train from Lilith’s hands. Once picked up, the event will complete, and everyone in your squad will receive its first-time rewards.

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The easiest way to get your hands on the Heart of the Train and complete the Operation Nightmare challenge is by tackling it in DMZ. In BR, you have the potential competition of up to 149 other players, while DMZ matches have a maximum of 25 players. You can also join other players’ squads by pleading after they’ve knocked you down or by simply requesting.

DMZ has been a blessing for Operation Nightmare challenges during The Haunting. We wouldn’t have been able to defeat The Butcher without wiping out the squad inside and recruiting them, and far less competition made it easier to raid the Ghost Train.

You have until November 6 to collect and spend your Captured Souls on creepy cosmetics, bewitching blueprints, scary skins, and wicked weapon charms. Don’t forget to challenge The Haunting’s other bosses to earn the Bloody Mess submachine gun, too!

This guide was written while playing Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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