What are Memory Bubbles for in Honkai Star Rail? Explained

Mysterious blue bubbles.

by Christian Bognar
Blue Memory Bubble in Honkai: Star Rail
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Are you wondering what memory bubbles are in Honkai: Star Rail? During the first zone to explore in the game, Herta Space Station, players will come across these floating bubbles with no explanation of their purpose. Additionally, players won’t be able to interact with them immediately and must complete a specific activity. This guide will cover everything you need about these mysterious memory bubbles.

What’s the Purpose of Memory Bubbles in Honkai: Star Rail?

During this starter zone, you will learn the game basics, such as combat, exploration, characters, and other tutorials to make your time in Honkai: Star Rail straightforward. What isn’t straightforward are the blue memory bubbles that appear considering when you touch them — they don’t do anything.

The mysterious blue bubbles recover old memories from people of the past in the game world and open up more lore of Honkai: Star Rail. Also, viewing a memory bubble will grant the player with 1,000 credits. These bubbles are a great way to learn more about the world you are in and how everything came to be, while also getting some in-game money. Read on to learn how to get the capability to interact with these memory bubbles so you can recover old memories.

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How to Use Memory Bubbles in Honkai: Star Rail

First, you must try and interact with a memory bubble, which will cause an indication to pop up and notify you that you must learn more about them. Next, talk to Herta, located on the second floor of the Storage Zone area in the Herta Space Station. It is important to note that Herta can appear at different sections of the map depending on where you are in your current mission. If you have trouble finding Herta — open your map and see her indicator.

When talking to Herta, select the option that mentions the memory bubbles and sign a non-disclosure agreement. After this interaction, you will now have the opportunity to interact with the memory bubbles and recover old memories from the past.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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