What Are ST4TION-M4STERS In Dragon Quest Treasures?

What can these NPCs do for you in Dragon Quest Treasures?

by Shaun Cichacki

As players start to uncover the world around them in Dragon Quest Treasures, they may find themselves overwhelmed by how large some of the areas in the game can truly be. Draconia is an interesting world, shaped on the back of two massive dragons that are no longer a part of this world.

With 5 different realms to explore in total, players will find that each of these zones can be slightly overwhelming if they happen to faint or return home to get their treasures checked out. Thankfully, that’s where the ST4TION-M4STER comes into play. Let’s jump on the train to our next location, and find out what these friendly faces have to offer.

How To Fast Travel In Dragon Quest Treasures


The first time that players encounter a ST4TION-M4STER, they may think they are seeing double. Looking a bit like Master Eulid from the main base, these NPCs that show up across the lands will give players the perfect opportunity to unlock a special trick.

Players won’t need to start at their normal point if they encounter one of these characters across the lands, as the ST4TION-M4STER will unlock a Fast Travel location for players to start from. If players are near the completion point for a particular level, these NPCs will give the player a perfect place to start their next adventure from.

If players are hoping to unlock a new fast-travel location, they will need to supply the ST4TION-M4STER with some items of their choosing. Thankfully, gamers will be able to find any of the items needed in the particular level they are in.

These can be a lifesaver, especially if the treasure counter is full and players need a particular spot to start from once more, or if characters are a bit too hot to handle, players can return once they have leveled up their character of choice a bit more. These worlds are intimidating and scary, but thanks to helpful characters such as the ST4TION-M4STER, players will be able to pick up their adventure wherever they are.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available now on Nintendo Switch.