What are the Floating Bodies in Bleak Faith: Forsaken?

What is the purpose of these mysterious, unsettling entities?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In Bleak Faith: Forsaken, players are sure to come across plenty of mysterious objects and unnerving entities. One such entity will be encountered very early on in the form of a strange floating body. While many players will discover its purpose before long, some might be concerned as to what its purpose is or if they need to interact with it in some way to progress. In truth, the floating bodies in Bleak Faith: Forsaken are simply a gameplay mechanic that players will learn to love the sight of.

What is the Purpose of the Floating Bodies in Bleak Faith: Forsaken?

In-game, these floating bodies are known as Homunculi. Upon approaching the first Homunculus you find, you’ll see a prompt to interact with it. While it only states places you can fast travel to, there is another purpose to this mysterious entity. These floating bodies act as classic Souls-like rest points where you can respawn.

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When you reach a Homunculus, it will automatically activate and become available as a respawn point. If you want to mark it as the place you’ll return to when you die, there is no need to interact with it beyond moving into its radius. Of course, as you find more of these bodies, they’ll become available points for you to fast travel to. Be warned that fast travel will not restore your health, so you might be in a bit of trouble if you run out of healing items.

After getting further into the game, you’ll be able to leave your own Homunculi and freely set your respawn point. You should still continue to keep an eye out for the non-portable ones on your journey! With how vast the world of Bleak Faith becomes after beating the tutorial boss, you’ll want to find as many Homunculi as possible.