What is the Best Ammo Type in Modern Warfare 2?

Is Armor Piercing still king?

by Elliott Gatica

When it comes to getting your build just right in Modern Warfare 2, or even Warzone for that matter, you want to try and test everything you can in terms of attachments. With so many to unlock from different weapon platforms, it’s hard to determine what will make the cut. With that out of the way, what is the best ammo type for your weapons in Modern Warfare 2? 

What is the Best Ammo Type in Modern Warfare 2?

There really isn’t a “best” type per se, but there are those that are quite better than the rest. Had this come out around the time when Armor Piercing wasn’t nerfed, it would be that one, but others are contesting it for being the best. So here they are.

Incendiary Rounds

If you’re looking to get frags on enemies, Incendiary Rounds will do the trick. The cons it has do seem a bit offputting, but that extra damage input against other players and even vehicles goes a long way. Especially on weapons with larger magazines, this somewhat compensates for a few missed bullets.

High-Velocity Rounds

If you’re looking to engage in more mid to long-range gunfights, this type of ammo will help you out here. Despite the negative damage range, it’s negligible. Snipers and marksman rifle users will now have to deal with a flurry of bullets coming at them because you can equip these on assault rifles. 

Armor Piercing Rounds

Despite being nerfed a few patches ago, Armor Piercing rounds will still perform very well. They were the meta in Warzone 2, but now they have become just an overall versatile ammo type to have. If killstreaks and vehicles are annoying, these will help in taking them out more quickly. 

Not all weapon platforms share the same type of ammunition types. They can be similar but will require their own upgrade route just to get them. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023