What to Do When Your Wanted Game is Not Discounted During the Steam Sale

Take advantage of Steam's greatest discounts — even if they take a while to show up!

by Marc Magrini

To the surprise of no one, Steam has brought out a new sale for millions of PC gamers to enjoy. On top of featuring this year’s Steam Awards, the 2022 Winter Sale has put numerous titles on major discounts, with some popular games being brought to their lowest price yet. Since the sale has only just started, not every game is on sale — and while it might seem to be for a seasonal reason like the Steam Scream Fest, the truth might be a bit more simple. If your most wanted game is not discounted during this latest Steam Sale, the best course of action might simply be to wait.

Workarounds for When Your Most Wanted Game is Not Discounted During a Steam Sale

Historically, the prices for games were gradually lowered as a Steam Sale went on. Some games could take hours or even a couple of days before they ended up at a discounted price. If you think a game might not be worth full price and its price hasn’t lowered as part of the sale, wait a day or two to make sure a surprise price cut doesn’t catch you off guard. Due to time zones, it’s possible that some games might just be joining the sale a little late in comparison to others. Don’t bother waiting if there’s already a percentage-based discount, as it’s unlikely to get any cheaper during the sale itself.

If you jump the gun and get caught by surprise, you might still get lucky if you were smart with your purchase. As long as you meet the Steam refund requirements, you can use a recently-purchased title’s new discount as a reason to get your money back. Since this follows a period of 14 days, this refund window will last throughout the entire sale. Just be sure you play the game sparingly if you want to try and squeeze out some extra savings!

The 2022 Steam Winter Sale will last from December 22nd to January 5th.

- This article was updated on December 26th, 2022

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