When are the DBD Alice in Wonderland Skins Coming Out?

Get ready for some fairy tale vibes.

by Christian Bognar
Dead by Daylight Alice in Wonderland
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is known for its crossover events, including characters and outfits from other video games—such as PUBG— and sometimes books and movies. The most recent crossover event is with the famous novel Alice in Wonderland, where Behaviour Interactive brings a whole array of outfits and skins for The Artist, The Huntress, Nea Karlsson, Kate Denison, and Ace Visconti. Are you excited about the Alice in Wonderland update coming to Dead by Daylight? Here is everything you need to know regarding this collection.

When Will the Dead by Daylight Alice in Wonderland Skins Be Available?

Image: Behaviour Interactive

The Alice in Wonderland collection is available April 6, 2023, and can be accessed through the in-game store of Dead by Daylight. This collection brings an array of rare and ultra-rare skins that players can add to their game characters. Below are the skins available in the Alice in Wonderland collection.

  • The Artist – Frumious Jabberwock
  • Kate Denson – Wonderful Alice
  • The Huntress – Red Queen
  • Nea Karlsson – Cheshire Life
  • Ace Visconti – Mad Hatter

For those unfamiliar with the origin of the Alice in Wonderland novel, it has been around for a long time—since 1865, to be exact— and has been adapted into a hit movie by the mastermind Tim Burton. Alice in Wonderland’s collection takes the “fairy tale” genre and puts a dark and horror-filled twist on it—making it feel right at home for a horror game such as Dead by Daylight.

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The official Dead by Daylight Twitter account showed these skins to the public on April 6, 2023. You can get a quick glimpse in the tweet below.

The latest collection won’t be the first time the popular game explored fairy tales as they released the Modern Tales collection in January of 2022—so if you have yet to check that out, you might as well add it to your game as well!

To get more information about the latest Alice in Wonderland collection, you can head to the official Dead by Daylight website. The developer details the famous novel and how it fits well with the Dead by Daylight vibe.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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