When Does the Current Overwatch 2 Season End?

Everything you need to know about the current season of Overwatch 2

by Kara Phillips


Thousands of players have highly anticipated the launch of Overwatch 2, but even though the game is hot off the press, that hasn’t stopped anyone from looking ahead to what it will offer in the future. As players slowly work their way through the season one battle pass, the excitement of finding out what season two holds has resulted in a countdown already. So read on to find out when the current season of Overwatch 2 ends and what we can expect from the next.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 End Date

The current season of Overwatch 2 is playable until December 5, 2022, with the second season being announced to begin on December 6. Although there hasn’t been a time of day announced, updates have been said to roll around every nine weeks, which will help keep the game’s content fresh and exciting. Additionally, the end of the first season will allow necessary changes to be made to the game to keep it enjoyable. Finally, it will hopefully enable the time to do something about the number of current issues players face.

Although the content within the second season is still pretty unclear, a new tank hero is said to become available alongside a new map and a new battle pass for players to work their way through before the next changeover. Additionally, over 30 skins will become available, including a new mythic skin. Finally, it has been confirmed that each battle pass and the rewards will follow a different theme yet to be revealed.

Following season 2, Blizzard announced that a new hero and new map would be released in alternate seasons, so, unfortunately, players won’t be receiving the same level of content as the second season. However, when the new hero arrives each season, they’ll be available in the same way as Kiriko in the first season, either automatically unlocked through the battle pass or rewarded at level 55.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2022

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