When is the Bomb Drone Being Removed and When Will it Come Back in Call of Duty Warzone 2?

No more remotely detonated kills for you.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

What many are celebrating is that the Bomb Drone is going to be removed in Warzone 2. It’s been a highly divisive killstreak for some time, at least when it comes to the battle royale side of Modern Warfare 2. In any case, why is the Bomb Drone being removed in Warzone 2 and will it come back?

Why is the Bomb Drone Being Removed in Warzone 2?

Raven Software hasn’t explicitly said why, but it’s pretty obvious that this killstreak is being removed for being a bit too overpowered in the current meta. By using a Bomb Drone, you can easily score a kill on someone who is hiding inside a building. 

Many see this as being really cheap, ruining win streaks and the overall flow of the game. There’s very little counterplay to this. At least with other score and kill streaks, you can play around them. You can hide inside structures while an airstrike is coming out, or play safe when someone pops a UAV.

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All the balance team said in regard to the removal of the Bomb Drone is that they will “explore additional balance options for this killstreak.”

When Will the Bomb Drone Be Removed and When Will it Come Back?

The Bomb Drone is expected to be removed on March 15, 2023, when Season 2 Reloaded comes out. As for when we can expect it to return is unknown at the time. The killstreak is in such a weird place right now because it has the killing power of a C4, but has too much utility compared to other items. 

This killstreak makes grenades seem useless. Besides, a lot of the community who plays Warzone wants this removed entirely. Many took to Twitter to voice their excitement that this is being removed. As soon as we know more about the fate of the Bomb Drone, we’ll be sure to tell you.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023