When to Use Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

The best time to use your seals

by Kara Phillips

Master Seals are a pretty hard-to-come-by item in the early stages of Fire Emblem Engage, so you may be a little nervous about using them since you don’t know when the next will appear. Although they become more accessible later in the title, knowing when is the best time to use them can be a pretty intimidating process. Making sure Alear and their corresponding units are the right class and strong enough to face anything on the battlefield is essential in the later chapters, and Master Seals can be the gateway to some essential boosts. So, if you’re worried about when the best time to use Master Seals is, read on.

When is the Best Time to Use Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage?

Although it’s tempting to wait until late-game to use Master Seals, as many players have experienced in previous Fire Emblem games, Engage does things a little differently. In all honesty, the best time to use Master Seals is as soon as possible. Around Level 10 will provide the best chances of maximizing the buffs a Master Seal will provide, whereas if you wait until Level 20, you will lose some of the increase. In addition, you will choose what character you get to use the Master Seal on, and Alear is the best option.

That said, it’s still acceptable to wait until Level 20 to use your Master Seal. You will receive some stat boosts, but they will appear pretty insignificant compared to if you use them earlier in the title. In addition, promoted units will have the same exp gain as unpromoted units, which is something to consider if you decide to wait to use your seal. But, long story short, it’s best to use the seal as soon as you get it to ensure you’re maximizing any increase you can.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023

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