How to Get Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage

Skills to pay the bills

by Kara Phillips

The combat system in Fire Emblem Engage can be a lot to digest for a new player, but you can benefit from these tense instances and make things slightly easier for yourself depending on how many chapters you’ve completed. There’s a lot to know about how increasing your bond with your unit can boost your damage on the battlefield, but there are several ways to make yourself more powerful outside of that. However, to do this, you’ll need access to Skill Points, one of the more finicky things to collect during your time with Engage. So, read on if you’re looking for an easy way to farm Skill Points and give your units a well-needed boost.

How Do You Collect Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage?

Skill Points are predominantly earned by a Unit equipped on the battlefield with an Emblem Ring. So, constantly have a Unit with an Emblem Ring around if you want to work on farming skill points. Luckily, the bond doesn’t impact how many Skill Points you can receive during combat, so you can play with a few different Units if you don’t want to stick to just one. Instead, what will impact how many Skill Points you acquire is the difficulty of the enemy you’re facing and whether or not your Unit delivers the final blow to the enemy. Both circumstances will increase the Skill Points you receive over just going into a standard battle.

You can also use Bond Rings with your Units to increase your chances of farming Skill Points, but the effects won’t be as prominent as using an Emblem Ring. However, they feel slightly more accessible than Emblem Rings since you can craft them with Bond Fragments, and given how many achievements you can unlock and exchange for Bond Fragments within the game, it’s hard to believe you’ll ever be in short supply. Using a Bond Ring is the same process as above, but with less opportunity to farm Skill Points since the effects are less strong.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023

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