How to Get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage

Discover how you can find more Relay Tickets

by Kara Phillips
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Throughout Fire Emblem Engage, you will be rewarded with many items to use during your adventure. Some of these are more self-explanatory than others you’ll receive throughout the game, but for things like Relay Tickets, they’re a bit harder to understand. You’ll receive your first Relay Ticket after completing the first few chapters of the game and returning to Somniel. It’ll also notify you to let you know that you’ve unlocked the Tower of Trials, which is a good signifier that you’ve come far enough to unlock more Relay Tickets; however, they aren’t as easy to find in the open. So, if you’re looking for more tickets, read on to discover how to unlock them.

Where to Get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage

Relay Tickets are almost like a login bonus throughout Fire Emblem Engage, as they are rewarded to the player once every 24 hours. However, the only catch is the player must return to Somniel to receive the reward, so rather than progressing through chapter after chapter, it’s best to occasionally return to the central hub to see if you have any rewards waiting. Additionally, the Relay Tickets will appear in your inventory rather than being something you must actively collect, like Bond Fragments. So, keep an eye on your inventory each time you sign in and return to Somniel, just in case you’ve missed one.

Once you’ve collected a Relay Ticket, you can access a trial at the Tower of Trials titled “Relay Trial.” This event will challenge you to work online with other players in a relay race-style game mode, where you will be challenged to clear the map in a set time. When you select the Relay Trial option from the Tower of Trials, you will need to choose New Battle to cash in your ticket and begin the event. If you have more than one ticket, you can try this event more than once a day, but sometimes it’s best to save your tickets rather than spend them all at once.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023