Where is the Hedge Lab in Grounded?

Find out how to make the perilous journey to the Hedge Lab!

by Marc Magrini


In Grounded, one of the first tasks players will encounter is finding the Hedge Lab. This will occur almost immediately after fixing the mysterious machine for the first time and finding BURG.L. He will point you towards the Hedge Lab, guiding you towards one of the first chips you can give him. This is very important for story progression and will likely be the biggest roadblock for new players. Knowing where to find the Hedge Lab in Grounded is almost as difficult as surviving the journey there. Players will need good gear, plenty of resources, and some careful observation if they want to enter this mysterious location.

How to Find and Enter the Hedge Lab in Grounded

If you decide to follow the marker on your map, you’ll likely come across the Lab on your own. However, the door to it is locked, and the only other way inside is to climb through the forested area nearby. If you’re already at the aforementioned locked door, you can climb a branch close by to reach the area without much issue. From there, you’ll have to head southeast through these woods until you find another collection of branches you can climb. This is one of the best spots to build a base, as the path to the Lab itself is quite perilous. You’ll also encounter plenty of spiders on the way, so you should make sure you’re well-equipped to deal with them. The nearby berries in the area can be used to craft Berry Leather, which will create gear well-suited to keeping you alive in this area.

The path to the Lab from here is tricky, yet straightforward. Simply follow the branches and keep on the lookout for ziplines. These will let you traverse the treetops and head closer towards the lab. Take care of Spiderlings along the way and do your best not to fall. Eventually, you’ll find your way to the Hedge Lab Breach, and you’ll soon get your hands on the chip BURG.L requested. Follow the puzzles within and you’ll unlock the main doors to the Lab, providing an easy way to return without risking your life in the trees!

Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2022

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