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Where is the Luster Class Trainer in PSO2

14 extra Skill Points for your Luster Class are waiting for you.

by Victor Vellas


In Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) every in-game Class has a certain Class Trainer they can talk to and start a series of Quests specifically designed to teach you the ways of your chosen occupation. Even the newest Scion Classes do have their respective Trainers, some of them are a little odd at first sight, but they still remain your trusted instructors.

Luster, the newest Scion Class, should be no exception, correct? Well if you did think that, you are absolutely mistaken. Based on the game’s story and lore, Luster is actually a Class that was ‘created’ from the actual player himself, for the needs of the events taking place in Episode 6. What this means is that there isn’t any actual Trainer we can speak to and start our regular chain Quest.

If that’s the case, how do we get those extra Skill Points that we’d normally get, you ask? Well then, the answer to that is rather simple, and practical too. Cofy, the beloved NPC handling all of our Class permits and more, is responsible for tasks related to Luster alongside important rewards, like the before mentioned Skill Points. To be more precise, 14 extra Skill points can be acquired from those Quests, so they are literally essential if you want to maximize your Skill Tree.

All of the Quests needed are quite simplistic in nature, so they are quite easy to complete, especially for higher leveled players. Killing a bunch of Bosses is the main focus, and all of them can be completed in less than an hour. Make sure to do so, since 14 Skill Points are a significant boost for your character.


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