Where to Buy Items for Pokémon to Hold in Scarlet and Violet

Here's exactly where to find all held items for your Pokémon.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where to buy items for Pokémon to Hold in Scarlet and Violet? Held Items are items that your Pokémon can hold to gain boosts to their move types and abilities, like increased accuracy and damage. Held items can also boost the effects of abilities like the Big Root held item, which boosts the amount of Health healed by HP-stealing abilities. Here is everything you need to know about where to buy items for Pokémon to hold in Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Buy Items for Pokémon to Hold in Scarlet and Violet


You can buy items for Pokémon to hold from the Delibird Presents shops in the Paldea Region. There are three cities in the Paldea Region where the Delibird Presents shops are located: Cascafarra, Levincia, and Mesagoza. Each Delibird Presents shop sells different items, like an Everstone, so you must browse the inventory of all shops. To make it easier, we have provided an alphabetical list of all Held items and their Delibird Presents shop locations. Hence, you know exactly where to buy items for Pokémon to hold.

  • Ability Shield: Mesagoza
  • Absorb Bulb: Cascarrafa
  • Adrenaline Orb: Levincia
  • Air Balloon: Cascarrafa
  • Assault Vest: Mesagoza
  • Big Root: Cascarrafa
  • Binding Band: Levincia
  • Black Belt: Levincia
  • Black Gasses: Levincia
  • Black Sludge: Levincia
  • Blunder Policy: Mesagoza
  • Bright Powder: Cascarrafa
  • Cell Battery: Cascarrafa
  • Charcoal: Mesagoza
  • Choice Band: Mesagoza
  • Choice Scarf: Mesagoza
  • Choice Specs: Mesagoza
  • Clear Amulet: Mesagoza
  • Covert Cloak: Levincia
  • Damp Rock: Cascarrafa
  • Destiny Knot: Mesagoza
  • Dragon Fang: Cascarrafa
  • Eject Button: Levincia
  • Eject Pack: Levincia
  • Electric Seed: Cascarrafa
  • Eviolite:  Mesagoza
  • Expert Belt: Mesagoza
  • Flame Orb: Levincia
  • Focus Band: Mesagoza
  • Focus Sash: Mesagoza
  • Grassy Seed: Cascarrafa
  • Grip Claw: Mesagoza
  • Hard Stone: Cascarrafa
  • Heat Rock: Cascarrafa
  • Heavy-Duty Boots: Levincia
  • Icy Rock: Cascarrafa
  • Iron Ball: Levincia
  • King’s Rock: Mesagoza
  • Lagging Tail: Levincia
  • Leftovers: Cascarrafa
  • Life Orb: Mesagoza
  • Light Clay: Cascarrafa
  • Loaded Dice: Levincia
  • Luminous Moss: Cascarrafa
  • Magnet: Cascarrafa
  • Mental Herb: Cascarrafa
  • Metal Coat: Levincia
  • Metronome: Levincia
  • Miracle Seed: Mesagoza
  • Mirror Herb: Cascarrafa
  • Misty Seed: Cascarrafa
  • Muscle Band: Mesagoza
  • Mystic Water: Mesagoza
  • Never-Melt Ice: Levincia
  • Normal Gem: Cascarrafa
  • Poison Barb: Cascarrafa
  • Power Herb: Cascarrafa
  • Protective Pads: Levincia
  • Psychic Seed: Cascarrafa
  • Punching Glove: Mesagoza
  • Quick Claw: Mesagoza
  • Razor Claw: Mesagoza
  • Red Card: Levincia
  • Ring Target: Levincia
  • Rocky Helmet: Mesagoza
  • Room Service: Levincia
  • Safety Goggles: Levincia
  • Scope Lens: Levincia
  • Sharp Beak: Mesagoza
  • Shed Shell: Cascarrafa
  • Shell Bell: Levincia
  • Silk Scarf: Mesagoza
  • Silver Powder: Mesagoza
  • Smooth Rock: Cascarrafa
  • Snowball: Cascarrafa
  • Soft Sand: Levincia
  • Spell Tag: Cascarrafa
  • Sticky Barb: Levincia
  • Terrain Extender: Cascarrafa
  • Throat Spray: Mesagoza
  • Toxic Orb: Levincia
  • Twisted Spoon: Levincia
  • Utility Umbrella: Cascarrafa
  • Weakness Policy: Mesagoza
  • White Herb: Cascarrafa
  • Wide Lens: Levincia
  • Wise Glasses: Mesagoza
  • Zoom Lens: Levincia

It is also possible to find Held items in Paldea, like a Leaf Stone, but it is the easiest to buy them.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 19th, 2022

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