Where to Find Blast Burn TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Well hidden inside a cave

by Christian Bognar

TM’s are Pokemon moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that are found within the Paldea Region or crafted at Poke Centers. Some are harder to find than others, but once they enter your line of sight, they are easy to spot as they give off a hard-to-miss yellow glow which is shinier than regular items. Blast Burn is a powerful TM hidden within a cave towards the edge of the map, but acquiring it is worth the trip as it is extra helpful in battles for fire Pokemon. Keep reading to learn the exact location of Blast burn TM.

Blast Burn TM Location

Located on the eastern side of the Glaseado mountains, shown in the image below, you will come across a cave.


This cave is well hidden, so the best way to access it is to start from the top and make your way down until you reach the grass, but not down to the ground level of the mountain. Use the image below as a reference point and you can see the cave in the bottom right corner of the picture. You will find Blast Burn TM, Plant Frenzy TM, and Hydro Cannon TM inside this cave.


Blast Burn is located in the middle of the three TM’s.


To equip Blast burn Go into your bag and scroll over to your TM’s, where you will see it available in your inventory. Click on it, and the game will let you know which Pokemon can learn the move. Remember, Pokemon can only know four moves at a time, so you will need to remove one current move to learn Blast Burn.

Craft Blast Burn TM

Blast Burn can also be crafted at the TM Machine and requires the following materials:

  • 14000 LP
  • Hondour Fang x8
  • Charcadet Soot x5
  • Growlithe Fur x3

Finding these materials will take you more time than adventuring to the location this guide mentioned previously, so you might as well make the trip. If you have more than one fire Pokemon that you would like to learn Blast Burn, then feel free to search for those crafting materials.

Blast Burn goes well with fire Pokemon, so discover how to evolve Growlithe with our guide to make it even more powerful! First, ensure you know the exact location of a Fire Stone, which is an essential step in the evolution process.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2022

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