Where to Find Medallion Shards in Bayonetta 3

Another one of Bayonetta's many secrets to unlock!

by Kara Phillips

Bayonetta 3 has many items and Bewitchments to keep players engaged with the content, even after finishing the main story. The more you delve into each chapter, the more you will notice hidden away, and Medallion Shards are just one piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, these shards are randomly scattered across chapters within the game, so it can be a long process if you are on the hunt to track them down. So read on to find out where you can track them down.

How to Get Medallion Shards in Bayonetta 3

There are four Medallion Shards to collect before you can unlock the secret boss, but luckily they are straightforward to find once you’re headed in the right direction. Three of the four shards can be obtained by breaking what looks like a ruined or old glowing relic, but the fourth poses a slight challenge. Once you have collected all four, you will gain access to a secret boss.

Shard One


The first shard can be found in Chapter One. Head right from where you spawn until you reach the island’s edge. You’ll find some steps leading down to what appears to be a hidden island with a ruined Glowing Relic toward the bottom. Destroy this as you would any other Glowing Relic, and you will receive a Medallion Shard.

Shard Two


To find the second shard, you will need to visit Chapter Four. Jump on the island next to the broken bridge, and face the waterfall. You’ll see two islands next to the waterfall, where you need to jump. Once on the island, you’ll see the ruined Glowing Relic. Destroy this, and you will receive the shard.

Shard Three


To locate the third Medallion Shard, visit Chapter Seven. As you jump to the area where the circular portal is on the floor, go back to the door. By the doorway, you’ll find a ruined Glowing Relic on the floor. Destroy this, and you will receive the third Medallion Shard.

Shard Four


The fourth Medallion Shard is the easiest to stumble across, but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to collect. To find this shard, revisit Chapter 10 and engage in combat during Verse Two. Then, head to the stone building toward the back of the room and hit the base. After a few hits, the wall will collapse, and you’ll be able to go inside the open space to find the final ruined Glowing Relic. Destroying this will give you the last shard, and you will receive a notification about the Blue Medallion.

The reward for defeating the secret boss is slightly underwhelming, especially after going through the effort of finding the four Medallion Shards. Once defeated, the chest will contain a Moon Pearl and a Witch Heart. Of course, having two full items rather than collecting each fraction when possible is slightly more worthwhile, but you should collect the shards knowing that the reward may not pay for itself.

Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2022

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