Where to Find Red Access Cards in Warzone 2 DMZ and How to Use Them

Time to get those access cards!

by Gordon Bicker

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ is full of content for players to learn about and one of the features that players need to get used to is getting access cards for Building 21, there have been many questions about where to find Red Access Cards. Others have worked out how to find Building 21 access cards and Building 21 itself is on a separate map only accessible through the use of the access cards. This article will explain to you where to find Red Access Cards and how to use them in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ.

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Finding Red Access Cards in Warzone 2 DMZ

Red Access Cards are rare loot that can be obtained in the game through normal loot-gathering methods such as through Stronghold loot or killing commanders by spawning them in with a ‘secure intel’ contract and gathering their loot. However, we would recommend staying in the DMZ match for a long time until near the end of the match. When it gets to around ten minutes on the match timer, there will be a notification that pops up on your screen and informs you of a supply drop. It will explicitly state ‘Supply Drop Incoming’ when you check your map you will notice icons on the map with two pistols pointing up and a dollar sign inside a box.

These are the Supply drop icons and you will want to make your way to them to try and get a Red Access Card from the loot drop. You can also get a chance of getting the other access cards from here and there isn’t too much effort required for this method. You just will have to wait in the match for a while. You can also choose to hide if you so desire while waiting.

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How to Use the Red Access Cards in Warzone 2 DMZ

Once you have a Red Access Card you can use them by visiting Building 21 in the game when you have a Building 21 Access Card which can be found by the method linked at the top of this guide. At the time of writing, the Building 21 map isn’t live in the game yet so you can’t venture to it and use the Red Access Card. When the Building is actually in the game, you will be able to use the Red Access Card to get into a security room near the ‘Office Storage’.

For the time being, it is worthwhile trying to learn how to complete missions such as the Medical Mule mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is available right now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023