DMZ Medical Mule Mission Guide | Dumpster Dead Drop Location

How to find medical supplies and the Zarqwa Hydroelectric dead drop in DMZ.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Modern Warfare DMZ
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To complete the Medical Mule mission for White Lotus in Warzone DMZ, players must deliver a number of medical supplies to a specific dead drop. While this sounds simple enough, DMZ isn’t exactly known for highlighting objective locations clearly.

This guide details where to find the Zarqwa Hyrdroelectric dead drop and how to acquire revive pistols, self revives, AFAKs, and large medical bags required to complete Medical Mule.

Medical Mule Dumpster Dead Drop in Zarqwa Hydroelectric Location

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  • Medical-Mule-Dead-Drop-Location-DMZ

The dumpster dead drop needed to complete Medical Mule is on the Al Mazrah map in square E4, near Zarqwa Hydroelectric. It’s located behind the South gas station, which you can see in the screenshot below.

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Open up the dumpster and drop off any self revives, revive pistols, AFAKs, and medical bags into the dead drop. Watch out for enemies, as this area can be crawling with NPCs ready to ruin your exfill streak.

How to find Revive Pistols, Self Revives, AFAKs, and Medical Bags in DMZ

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Mission Objectives:

  • Deliver 3 revive pistols or self revive to the dumpster dead drop in Zarqwa Hydroelectric.
  • Deliver 5 AFAKs or large medical bags to the same dead drop.

The revive pistols, AFAKs, medical bags, and self revives needed to complete Medical Mule are generally found in the same type of areas — hospitals, medical tents, bathrooms, and ambulances. Make sure to check every first aid kit, medicine cabinet, and loot cache you find while completing other objectives.

I had luck sprinting from building to building near Zarqwa Hydroelectric, opening medicine cabinets, and carefully checking shelves and as many loot caches as possible. You can also purchase self-revives from Buy Stations and, of course, steal supplies from downed players. Just invite them to your squad after, yeah?

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can complete Medical Mule in a single DMZ match fairly easily if you’re lucky enough. If the battlefield is a little too hot or supplies are scarce, you can complete the mission over the course of multiple matches.

In total you need three revive pistols or self revives and five AFAKS or large medical bags. Any combination of items works for their respective objective.

If you need more help gathering medical supplies in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, check out our in-depth guides on finding self revives and AFAKs. We also have tons of other guides to help you complete faction missions over on our Warzone 2 DMZ tag page.

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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