Where to Find Origami Horses in DMZ

How to find these ridiculously priced paper horses and complete your Upgrade objective.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Arthur Call of Duty Warzone DMZ
Image: Activision

Warzone DMZ is full of valuable items that can be sold for some quick cash. One of these is the Origami Horse, a sly reference to Blade Runner worth a hefty $5,000. That may seem expensive for a piece of paper, but it’s barely surprising in a world where dusty comic books sell for $100 each. Here’s how to find Origami Horses in DMZ and what exactly you can do with them.

How to Find Origami Horses in DMZ

In Warzone DMZ, Origami Horses are found randomly in areas only accessible with keys. While not guaranteed, you can find these paper stallions on surfaces and in caches inside locked-off buildings.

High-Value Targets are guaranteed to drop a random key, but you can also loot them from enemies and caches if you’re lucky. Additionally, you can sometimes use the Barter system to trade common items for specific keys or purchase them with cash at a Buy Station.

Players have reported finding Origami Horses in the following locked buildings:

Al Mazrah

  • Ahmed Grocery Store
  • Al Bagra Officers Quarters
  • Al-Safwa Stone Block Office
  • Canal Apartment 103
  • Caretaker’s House
  • Ch 7 Editorial Department
  • Chemical Storage Warehouse
  • Downtown Post Office Secure Room
  • Mountaintop Spotter Shack
  • North Canals Info Booth
  • Police Academy Server Admin
  • Rohan Oil North Guard Shack
  • Sattiq Poppy Farm House
  • Sawah Crypto Mining Farm
  • Special Ops Relay Station
  • Taraq Smuggler’s Office
  • Tower Conference Room
  • Yum Yum Burger Back Room
  • Zarqwa Market Storage

Ashika Island

  • Main Harbor Control
  • Research Center Room

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What Is The Origami Horse Used For in Warzone DMZ? — Phalanx Weekly Urgent Missions

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To complete the Unlock Phalanx Weekly Urgent Missions objective in the Upgrades menu, players must collect and extract a total of five Origami Horses. Collecting an Origami Horse without successfully reaching an exfil will not count toward your progress.

Outside of unlocking Phalanx Weekly Urgent Missions, Origami Horses appear to serve no other purpose and can be safely sold at Buy Stations for some extra dough.

While a seemingly unusual item to include in the game, the Origami Horse is actually a direct reference to the classic neo-noir hit Blade Runner. Origami animals are a common theme in the movie, with an origami unicorn becoming an incredibly iconic symbol that pop culture media loves to reference.

Now you know where to find Origami Horses, check out our guide on finding Self-Revive Boxes to ensure you extract with your paper pal in stow. I definitely could’ve used one while writing this article. Stupid riot shields.

- This article was updated on August 4th, 2023

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