Where to Find Snakes in Resident Evil 4: Viper Hunter Request Guide

Find 3 snakes to earn some Spinel.

by Diego Perez
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the first requests you receive in Resident Evil 4 requires you to find and deliver 3 snakes to the merchant. It’s a strange request, but they only get stranger from here. Thankfully, snakes are surprisingly easy to find in Resident Evil 4. They only appear in a few areas, but you only need to get 3 of them so it’s not a huge deal, especially if you know where to look. Even if you ate or discarded some of the snakes before accepting the request, you can still find the required 3 easily.

Resident Evil 4 Snake Locations

Snakes can be found in multiple locations surrounding the lake in Resident Evil 4. They’re found inside of destructible crates and barrels, so make sure to smash everything you see. When one pops up, just shoot it or stab it so you can add it to your inventory.

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To give you a headstart on the request, a snake can be found in the building just before the merchant’s stand when you receive the request. Smash every box in the building and you’ll find it.

The best place to find snakes, however, is the nearby fish farm. You can see its location on the map above. Just smash everything in the area and you’ll find more than enough snakes. Some of them can also be found swimming through the shallow water in the area, so keep an eye out when wading through.

Once you have all 3 snakes in your possession, just return to the merchant and sell them to complete the request. You’ll get some Spinel as a reward. There are many more requests to complete in the upcoming chapters, so keep an eye out for blue flyers posted around the village.

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