Where to Get the Forspoken Steelbook

Are you on the hunt for the Forspoken steelbook?

by Gordon Bicker

Forspoken fans are always on the lookout for new details and special editions for the game and as such, an offer that will grip any collector’s heart is a steelbook edition for the game. Whether they are preparing to delve into the game and start going through all of the accessibility options to tailor the game to their needs — or simply just play through it on the default settings, then they could do so with a lovely game case looking back to them. This article will take you through where to get the Forspoken steelbook.

Retailers That Stock the Forspoken Steelbook

You will be able to see the steelbook for the game being offered to those who preorder at certain retailers. One of these retailers is Best Buy which advertises the game as coming with the steelbook for players.

However, if you didn’t manage to get the steelbook edition from there, another place you can get the steelbook edition outside of the US is Game which also has a steelbook to give away. With this retailer, you also get to see what the steelbook looks like inside by scrolling down the webpage before you order.

Will You be Able to Get the Forspoken Steelbook After Launch?

If you are reading this after launch then you may be wondering if it will be possible to actually acquire a steelbook for the game without pre-ordering it first. The answer to that question is a likely yes, after the release of a game it is common that people sometimes sell their game after playing it. Sometimes you can find people selling their limited/special editions.

This means that Forspoken’s steelbook will likely be able to be acquired from Ebay or other likewise places after release. Given the fact that the game is not a PlayStation Exclusive, PC players will probably be wondering if the steelbook is available to them too and unfortunately it won’t be. If you play on PlayStation 5 then you will be able to get the steelbook.

Forspoken will be released on January 24 for both PlayStation 5 and PC.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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