Where To Turn In The Masterpieces In Lost Ark

Find out where to hand in Masterpieces!

by Kara Phillips


MMOs are never shy from including as many collectible items as possible, so here’s no surprise that Lost Ark follows suit with items like Mokoko Seeds and Masterpieces. There are eight predominant items to collect across the expansive lands and islands. Masterpieces only make up one small fraction yet can return some decent rewards to any devoted player. If you find yourself with a collection of these already, finding out where you can hand them in may be a little vague, so read on to find out where you can hand over your Masterpieces and reap the benefits.

How to Turn in Masterpieces in Lost Ark

Every Masterpiece you collect during your time with Lost Ark must be turned in to Alfons Vedice on Sunflower Island. Alfonso is the owner of Sunflower Island, so he’s easy to locate once you step foot on the sand. Head towards the south of the island, and Alfons tends to stay a few meters up from the coastline. Once you’ve handed in your Masterpieces, Alfons will be sure to reward you for your work. You’ll receive a different reward depending on the piece. They are considered one of Lost Ark’s eight collectible items and are far from short supply.


There are currently fifty-two Masterpieces within the game, most of which can be passively collected. As far as collectibles within Lost Ark go, you won’t have to go out of your way to collect them. Due to how many there are, they’re a frequent reward for completing tasks and collecting certain items, so you won’t have to face death to finish your collection. For a new player, the rewards given for collecting Masterpieces can be beneficial to help you get settled, so they’re worth hunting down as soon as you can to provide yourself with a generous head start as you level up.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

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