Who is Nessie in Apex Legends? Full Origin Explained

A myth no more.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Nessie has been an icon for Apex Legends since the release of the game. In fact, Nessie has been around all of the Titanfall universe games since the original Titanfall was released. However, much like the real Loch Ness Monster, no one really knows where Nessi came from. Let’s go over the origin story of Nessi in Apex Legends and why it has stuck around with the franchise for so long.

The Origin of Nessie in Apex Legends

With how deeply tied Nessie is with Apex Legends, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that the cute plushie originated from Apex. It is so closely tied with Wattson that even her heirloom weapon has a reference to Nessie. However, this little mythical creature has more history with the Titanfall franchise than you may think.

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Nessie was originally created as a joke with the reveal of the original Titanfall. When Titanfall was first announced, all fans got was a blurry image of one of the game’s maps. Fans took this burly image and jokingly called it an image of Nessie. From then on the adorable plushie was cemented into the franchise.

There are not many references to Nessie in the original Titanfall; she’s only found on two of the game’s maps. Titanfall 2 is chock full of plushies that the community has hunted down over the years. With 12 different locations, the Nessie plushie can be found.

However, Apex Legends is truly where the community has received the most amount of Nessie easter eggs. The plushies have found their way into many of the game’s weapon charms and holosprays over the various seasons, allowing players to always bring the creature with them to the arena.

Wattson has had a huge crossover with Nessie. Not only do some of her banner cosmetics pay homage to the plushie, but she even has a skydive emote that has her throwing Nessie plushies through the air.

For every new season release of Apex Legends, it seems that Nessie makes another return in some way. Even the anniversary event is chock full of Nessie references. However the Nessie appearances don’t stop at just references in the menus and cosmetics—even the maps themselves have Nessie easter eggs on them.

The Kings Canyon map has an easter egg involving 10 Nessi plushes hidden around the map. If you hit all 10 plushies a giant Nessie will appear in the swamp accompanied by a notification that “A Nessy Surfaces.”

You can also find various Nessie plushies in the Firing Range. A plushie is in Big Maude on World’s Edge. Several can be found across Olympus. Both Storm Point and Overflow have a single plushie on them. Finally, Broken Moon has four different plushies for you to find across the map.

Keep an eye on each season’s lobby as some lobby backgrounds will contain a Nessie plushie in them. With all of these references, it seems like Nessie will be stuck with the Apex community for much longer. Maybe we can expect a Nessie easter egg in the upcoming Apex Legends Board game.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023