Why Can’t I Play Online in MultiVersus? Common Errors and Fixes

Time to get fixing those issues!

by Gordon Bicker


MultiVersus fans have been enjoying diving into the early access for the open beta of the experience and playing the game with their favorite characters on the roster. However, before players can fully enjoy and get to battling other players, you may have a few errors appear for either connecting to the game or simply just while playing the game. This is a beta after all so there are bound to be a few issues here and there every so often while the developers work on fixing them. This guide article will take you over all of the MultiVersus errors and fixes that we know about.

MultiVersus Errors and Fixes

At the moment there are a few errors that have been getting talked about within the community and generally, it all relates to getting into the game or getting online functionality for the experience. The table below will give you the fixes you need to know about for each of those issues and you can get back to playing the game again in no time!

Errors Potential Fixes
Syncing Account State Error In order to fix the syncing account error, making sure firstly that your internet connection is up and running smoothly is extremely important. Further, a simple reset of the game or your console/PC can all be viable fixes. Along with this, the developers also have implemented a fix for the glitch relating to the Syncing Account State so you may find that the error is already resolved and you won’t really run into it too much again.
Offline Mode Error Generally, the main cause of this error is having an age that is set accidentally to under 18. If your age is set to under 18 then you won’t be able to access the online mode of MultiVersus. So if you are over 18 be sure to set your age to the correct age if there was an accidental wrong age inputted!

In order to do this, go to your Roaming folder through Windows files/typing %AppData% into your Windows search, then Local, then go into the MultiVersus folder. From there, go to the ‘Saved’, then you will observe the ‘SavedGames’ file. Be aware that after this next step you will likely lose your save and progress. If you are ready to proceed then delete the SavedGames file and log into MultiVersus again. After this, set your correct age.
Something Went Wrong While Searching for Your Claim Error If you are in the process of trying to redeem your Twitch Drops early access open beta code, some people are having issues actually claiming the code/content through their WB account. Ensure your email address for the WB account is verified as if you made an account just to redeem this, you may not have verified your email yet. Be sure to do that and also make sure you already have linked your Twitch Account to the WB account.

As can be observed, there are three main errors that usually can be quickly resolved so you will be happy that you can begin enjoying the game again when you get back into it!

MultiVersus will be released in Open Beta form on July 26th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 21st, 2022

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