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World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Earn Redeemed Souls

This sanctum upgrade currency is time-gated.

by Brandon Adams


World of Warcraft Shadowlands introduces Covenants, and each has a sanctum that can be upgraded with Anima and Redeemed Souls. The Anima portion of the grind is basically limitless, but if you were hoping to farm up Redeemed Souls to max-out your Sanctum upgrades as soon as possible then you’ll likely not enjoy what I’m about to report. While you can farm Anima with impunity, Redeemed Souls are locked behind a weekly quest.

You’ll earn five Redeemed Souls when you first join your Covenant in the Shadowlands, but will need to complete a weekly for more.

After choosing your Covenant you’ll start up the first chapter of their campaign. Once you reach and clear the quest “Hopeful News” in chapter 1 you’ll be given five Redeemed Souls. If you’ve already picked a Covenant and switch to a different one after grabbing your starter souls you’ll still earn them for your new Covenant, but you may have to return to Oribos to grab them if you didn’t receive them around launch (this was an issue that had to be hotfixed).

Afterwards you’ll need to clear a weekly quest to earn more Redeemed Souls in Shadowlands. This means those of you looking to grind your faces off to immediately clear all your sanctum upgrades will need to cool your jets. While it won’t hurt you to start banking Anima, Redeemed Souls will act as a progression wall. You’ll want to prioritize which upgrades matter the most to you, since it will be a while until you can build more than one a week.

You’ll need to rescue souls from the Maw each week to complete the quest, and early on you’ll only earn five Redeemed Souls from the quest. As you rank up your Renown you’ll eventually unlock Soulkeeper Upgrades that will allow you to “rescue” more souls from the Maw each week, thus increasing how many Redeemed Souls you can collect. If you want to complete every sanctum upgrade as quickly as possible then you will need to keep up with your Renown. The Soulkeeper Upgrades in Shadowlands are unlocked at Renown ranks 15, 24, and 32. Once I know the exact amount of Redeemed Souls the upgrade adds to the weekly reward I’ll update this article.

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