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World War Z – How Do Checkpoints Work, How Does Saving Work

Win or lose, you'll always make progress.


World War Z tasks teams of four players to reach the end of a mission without succumbing to the zombie swarms, but does the game checkpoint your progress? In short, kinda? While you can’t manually save or checkpoint your progress, the game does watch your back to ensure progress is never lost.

World War Z missions are one-and-done affairs, and there is option to manually save.

In World War Z there are no hard checkpoints within a mission. You either succeed or you don’t, no matter the game mode. That said, progression and rewards are tied to how far you made it within a level, and there are soft checkpoints that will determine how much currency (Supplies and Challenge Coins) you’ll earn should you fail. Additionally, if someone in your team manages to survive they can respawn dead players by reaching one of these soft checkpoints (the hardest difficulties aside).

These soft checkpoints are typically between objectives: clearing one will trigger a soft checkpoint, respawning allies and upgrading your rewards in the background. The only portion of progression not tied to a soft checkpoint is the experience you earned: whatever weapon and class experience you’ve accrued from killing zeds and completing objectives is yours to keep no matter how a mission ends.

World War Z auto-saves your progress, and you cannot manually save the game. It will update all of your data within its servers, however, so should you crash you shouldn’t lose anything. Though, if you wanna be extra safe, there is a local save file you can backup. For PC users this can be found within in your User folder (C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage, typically). Console players can access their storage from the system menu and locate their save data within, and can back it up to an attached external drive.

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