WoW Dragonflight: What’s Included in the Basic, Heroic, and Epic Editions?

Which one is the most bang for your buck?

by J.T. Isenhour

With the new Dragonflight Expansion for World of Warcraft right around the corner, many fans are starting to look toward picking it up so they can experience it on day one. However, there are three different editions of WoW Dragonflight you can buy with each version giving more and more bonuses as you pay more. Let’s go over what is included in the different editions of World of Warcraft Dragonflight and which one you should pick up.

What is Included in Basic WoW Dragonflight?


With the basic version of WoW Dragonflight, you are just paying for the expansion and not much else. You will get the day one access when Dragonflgiht releases and that’s about it. If you pick up the expansion before the release date, there are giving away a Drakks pet as a pre-order bonus so you will get that as well.

Other than that you don’t get much else. The store page has it listed that you will get access to the new race and class but that could be considered as being a part of the expansion and nothing special to write home about. This will run you the standard expansion price of $50 and you don’t even get 30 days of game time with it.

If you are someone that is already playing WoW and wants to experience the new expansion then this is what you will be looking for. You don’t get anything other than the expansion but that is all you really need sometimes.

What is Included in the Heroic Edition of WoW Dragonflight?


For an extra $20 dollars you start to get more bang for your buck. The Heroic edition of Dragonflight includes everything that the basic edition had, which was basically just the expansion and the pre-order bonus. You also get a Murkstrasza pet and a Tangled Dreamweaver flying mount.

The main reason you would want to pick this version of the basic is that it helps you get right into the expansion if you are new to WoW. Unless you want to wait around for WoW to show up on the Xbox Game Pass, you will normally want to get into the game when new content comes out. For the extra price of this version, you get a level 60 characters boost that will put you right at the start of Dragonflight and let you play with all your friends.

This version of the expansion is perfect if you have been wanting to get into WoW but just don’t have the time to grind all the way up to current content. You pay a little bit more than just the basic expansion and you will need to buy some subscription time, but you don’t need to spend an extra $60 on a max-level character boost just the $70 for the expansion.

What is Included in the Epic Edition of WoW Dragonflight?


The most expensive version of Dragonflight you can get will cost you $90 and is really for the hardcore collectors of WoW. This version will include everything from the Heroic edition of Dragonflight, so you do still get the cosmetics and the level 60 character boost. You will also get some more cosmetics and some game time for the extra $20 which could be worth it since a single-month subscription costs you $15.

The extra cosmetics you get are a Timewalker Hearthstone effect, a Diadem of the Spell-Keeper head slot transmog, and a Wings of Awakening back slot transmog in five different colors. If you consider those cosmetics to be worth at least $5 dollars then the extra cost of this edition is covered right there.

The Epic edition of Dragonflight really is just for the collectors of WoW. You already got a nice max-level character in a cheaper version of the expansion and you could save $5 by just buying a single-month subscription separately. For the most part, you are paying the extra $20 over the Heroic edition for the cosmetics, so if you don’t really care about how you look in the game you can just stick with the Heroic edition.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is set to release on November 28.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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