Yet Another Zombie Survivors Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Check out the best characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Yet Another Zombie Survivors allows you to take the field as a squad of up to three fully geared characters. And as you might expect, picking both the right starting survivor as well as the right squadmate is key if you plan on making it. But which among the available characters is the best? To answer that and more, here’s a tier list featuring all the characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors,

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Tier List

As usual, we decided to assemble a tier list structured between S and in this case B-Tier. You can check out which characters are featured in each tier, and why, below.

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All S-Tier Characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

To start off, we have our S-Tiers, which are in our conception the game’s overall best, given their ability to excel as both squad leaders or secondary members. They are also fully capable of excelling in solo runs given their overall sets.

With that said, the best characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors are Tank and SWAT, given their ability to deal massive and constant amounts of damage through their main weapons as well as the way their Automatic Turret and Bombing Strike Ability powerups can be considered as some of the game’s most destructive.

All A-Tier Characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

In the A-Tier, we have the Huntress, the Engineer, and the Medic, who although excellent are still not able to reach the same seeling as the S-Tiers, they are also unable to excel in solo runs given their lack of multi-target focus, and in the cases of the Engineer and the Medic, low overall damage.

Overall, the Huntress and the Engineer are able to excel through their abilities to crowd control effectively while dealing damage (Engineer) and deal a good amount of Ability AoE damage while offering a Critical Bonus (Huntress). The Medic, on the other hand, has her ability to offer a good increase in overall healing, fire rate, and reload speed as her biggest strength.

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All B-Tier Characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

It pains me a lot to say it, but the game’s only B-Tier is Ghost. The reason for that lies in the fact that, although a badass, their limited range and inability to excel when facing distant enemies without relying heavily on their abilities really set them back when compared to Tank, SWAT, and even Engineer.

This guide was made while playing Yet Another Zombie Survivors on PC.

- This article was updated on July 18th, 2023

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