My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Leaks and Spoilers Reveal the Name of the Second User

Kacchan is back in the game!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 406 could change the whole course of the battle against All For One. Bakugo and Deku are still trying to keep Shigaraki away from his master, as letting them fuse would be disastrous for the Heroes.

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To achieve this goal, Katsuki is fighting despite the intense pain he feels, proving why he is one of the great Heroes of the new generation. Dynamight’s determination awakens something inside All For One, who cannot understand why Bakugo is making him so angry. Keep reading to learn more about the leaks and spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 406.

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Leaks Show All For One Furious at Bakugo

According to trusted leakers like @RukasuMHA, My Hero Academia Chapter 406 will begin moments after the ending of the previous one. A report of the battles occurring at the moment will take place. These panels will reveal that most battles have finished, with the Heroes achieving an overwhelming victory against the Villains. Lady Nagant will be seen remembering that Deku and his friends are the only hope in the world.

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Back with Katuski, the young Hero will be seen flying at incredible speeds towards All For One, surprising even All Might. Edgeshot will reveal that Bakugo’s near-death experience caused changes in his Quirk. Nearby, Shigaraki is seen mocking Izuku, telling him how everything they are doing is worthless. Deku has a new plan, which involves using the Second User’s Quirk.

Yet, the Second user reminds him that this will be the last time that he will be able to use the power and the results will be catastrophic for his body. As Midoriya ponders this, Bakugo will understand that it is the pain he is feeling that makes him move faster. He focuses on this feeling and uses it to send All For One flying, angering the villain.

The Symbol of Evil will be confused, as he cannot understand why Katsuki angers him so much. Suddenly a flashback of the Second User comes to his mind, making him notice how similar he and Bakugo look. Furious, All For One screams that it is all Kudou’s fault, referring to the Second User. Bakugo smiling will claim that he is not Kudou, he is the one and only Kacchan Bakugo.

Raw Scans Show How Similar Bakugo and Kudou Are

Raw Scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 406 shows All For One keeps de-aging due to the damage he has received during the fight. He now looks like a young teenager, which means that he does not have enough time to waste before this body disappears. This is making him increasingly angry, as he needs to get to Shigaraki quickly.

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Bakugo’s demeanor changes drastically compared to the last chapter. His smile is cocky and deranged once again, similar to the one we saw during the beginning of the series. He feels confident in his abilities to win the fight, and his face shows it.

Lastly, as fans have been commenting about for many months, the similarities between Bakugo and the Second User, are uncanny even inside the universe of the manga. Readers have been pointing out the possibility of the two being related, as they share almost all the same physical traits, except for hair color. It is likely that this topic will be explored further in future chapters, as All For One keeps bringing up how similar Bakugo and Kudou are.

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