Activision Changed its Mind About Warzone DMZ Contraband Weapons and Players Are (Justifiably) Furious

Contraband Weapons aren't reset in DMZ Season 4, but Activision had the community convinced that they were.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Just before Warzone DMZ Season 4 began, Activision posted a list of items that would reset upon the start of the new season — this included contraband weapons. So, to honor all the contraband weapons that served them well in Season 3, DMZ players got rid of their contraband weapons during extractions, never to see them again.

But here’s the twist; Activision actually changed its mind and made Contraband Weapons not reset with Season 4, so DMZ players threw away their contraband weapons for nothing.

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Players Are Upset About the Contraband Weapon Switch in DMZ Season 4

In our DMZ Season 4 reset article and in the official Season 4 reset Warzone DMZ article from Activision, it states that “contraband weapon inventories will be rolled back to the starting weapons.” This clearly means that your entire inventory of 20 contraband weapons will be reset when Season 4 begins — but Activision said psych.

Activision decided that contraband weapons won’t reset in Season 4 mere hours before the season went live, but it was already too late. And players are furious, especially the players with 20 gold contraband weapons that are all equipped with the perfect loadout thanks to the inclusion of the workbench.

The saddest case I’ve seen is BerliozRS on Reddit. On the last day of DMZ Season 3, he played his last match and dropped his gold M4 and gold St. Patrick’s Day sniper rifle.

These two guns were very special to BerliozRS. Not only are they both incredibly powerful and hard to get, but he had the M4 since his first game in Season 2 (since there wasn’t a reset between DMZ Season 2 and 3) and got his first Operator kill with it. He also had the St. Patrick’s Day sniper rifle since the first day of the event. But now, both of those guns are gone for good.

I’m pissed off for BerliozRS; Activision really messed up here. While DMZ Season 4 is very fun so far thanks to the inclusion of Vondel, the Wallet, and fun new Faction missions (which are intuitively unlocked with Faction Reputation now), it’s a huge burden and bummer for veteran DMZ players that tossed their contraband weapons preemptively to re-grind for those weapons — even though some of those weapons might not ever come back.

I doubt Activision will do anything to make up for this confusion and lack of communication, and that may be the reason some players take a break this season. While DMZ is fun (for the most part) and a solid concept, mess-ups like this make coming back too big of a chore.

- This article was updated on June 16th, 2023

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