Award-Winning 2022 Indie Game Receives Massive Update

Running a cult has never been easier!

by Kara Phillips

Balancing dungeon crawling with cult management can become a little stressful, depending on how many followers you’ve indoctrinated in Cult of the Lamb. Meeting everyone’s needs can take away from facing heretics, but with the release of Version 1.1.0, managing your cult has never been easier. A number of Quality of Life improvements have been implemented into gameplay to create an even better experience. Cult of the Lamb is a highly-esteemed game, and its new mechanics have only increased the positive response from the community.

With the new version update, players can now rename their cult, automatically cook and fish, and bless multiple followers in the immediate vicinity of Lamb rather than one at a time. In addition, the ability to rebind controllers has been added, allowing an entire remap of buttons to ensure your gameplay perfectly suits your playstyle. Outside of these QoL upgrades, several bugs and exploits, such as the ability to travel to areas you haven’t unlocked yet, have been targeted and resolved, which has relieved a vast number of players who were put off playing the title upon release due to bugs.

The game’s launch in August 2022 was met with a mixed bag of opinions, with many players reporting that gameplay was incredibly buggy and almost unplayable on PC, while console gamers could enjoy cult life reasonably smoothly. But as patches were released, the game rapidly grew in player base, leading to winning Best Indie Game at the Golden Joystick Awards and a nomination for Best Indie Game at The Game Awards, so it is no surprise that Version 1.1.0 has players eagerly jumping back into cult life.

To take the excitement of new content further, a roadmap for the future of Cult of the Lamb has been put out on their Twitter Page, stating that new dungeons, follower forms, and combat will come in a later update. Following the success of the Halloween-inspired event, the Blood Moon Festival, players can also look forward to some future timed events to make the most of this adorable cult simulator.

Cult of the Lamb is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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